Happy FastFlushem Customer

Jul 29th 2021

Some days even if it is a flat day I can’t find anyone to go to the gulfstream with me. Usually it’s about a 65 or 70 mile run, so I don’t like going by myself. So today instead of going my wife went … read more
Big Announcement!!!

Big Announcement!!!

Aug 1st 2019

FastFlushem is now available for triple outboards and quad outboards. Each leg has a shut off valve so you can flush as many engines as your water pressure will allow. These units allow you to connect … read more

News Flash!!!

Jul 9th 2019

We at FastFlushem have had quite a few inquiries about a unit that will work on triple and quad outboards. Since the beginning of our company, we have been aware of this demand, and have been working … read more