"The Fast Flush is a really elegant time saving product that does exactly what it claims." David A., Virginia Beach, VA

"We use our FastFlushem system on twin outboards, on a big pontoon tour boat, running in salt water. Regular flushing of the motors is critical to reliability, lifespan and operating costs and this system has made it simple enough that we actually get done! High quality pieces, customized to fit my application, supported by GREAT customer service, is a winning combination!" Tony Florida 

 "I had a homemade flush hose for the past 13 years that had a y valve, brass fittings, stainless hose clamps, etc. After all the years it was starting to look a little shabby and I decided to try FastFlushem. Soooo glad I did ,it's light weight, clean, smooth and very professional looking! A GREAT product!" Bill NJ

"Makes flushing easier and especially when I’m using salt away!"

"Wish I had this years ago, cuts my time in half. A great product!!"

"Recently purchase a 42' Yellowfin with Quad 350 Mercury Verados...the FastFlushem system makes life simple and easy....high quality and easy to use!"

"Great product. Just hook up start flushing while tending to other close up or cleaning task. Saves time." 

"Probably the best device since the creation of the wheel. This saves me a lot of time and hassle after a long day of boating."

"This is a time saver especially when you only have one hose. It also makes the distribution of Salt Away much more uniform. Great product"