News Flash!!!

Jul 8th 2019


We at FastFlushem have had quite a few inquiries about a unit that will work on triple and quad outboards. Since the beginning of our company, we have been aware of this demand, and have been working on the best solution. We have GREAT NEWS!! In a matter of days we will introduce a FastFlushem for Trips and one for Quads. These units will have a durable ball valve on each leg, allowing you to flush as many motors as your water pressure will allow. Our experience has been anyone with normal water pressure can flush two, and some can do three at once. So, depending on your water pressure, you will be able to open or close valves to each engine as needed. In addition, we will be adding a standard FastFlushem for twins with a ball valve on the inlet hose. This way if your water source is far away, you don't have to walk all the way there and back to disconnect your device---just shut it off at the boat! All of these new products will be available soon, so keep checking back in.

See you on the water!