Happy FastFlushem Customer

Jul 29th 2021

Some days even if it is a flat day I can’t find anyone to go to the gulfstream with me. Usually it’s about a 65 or 70 mile run, so I don’t like going by myself. So today instead of going my wife went with me out to a reef a few miles offshore and I fished while she sunbathed. It was a great relaxing day. We packed some sandwiches and snacks and played music all day. I caught the limit on Black Sea bass and a couple of red snapper that I had to release. The plus side of a day like this is it was a short leisurely ride back to the dock and not a lot of cleanup was required. I’m always happy to use my FastFlushem because it saves me a lot of time. Usually I can unload all of my stuff and by then both engines are already flushed. Then just a quick boat wash and I’m all done.