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The Beginning of FastFlushem | The Untold Story

Jun 7th 2019

Just like you I am in my boat all of the time and I am religious about flushing my motors for 15 minutes every time I use them. Sooo every time I was waiting around for 30 minutes before I could wash the boat. One day I decided I ought to come up with some sort of way to reduce the wait. 

I cobbled together some garden hose and some parts from the hardware store and FastFlushem was born! The original prototype was crude and not very friendly to the Awlgrip, but I knew I was onto something. "This could really work." My fishing pals were very enthusiastic and urged me to make it available for others. I wanted whatever I built to be of superior quality and basically be the last one you had to buy unless you dropped it overboard. 

The beautiful mess above of garden hose, metal connectors, and yes, duct tape is not what you will get when you order from FastFlushem! No, this is in fact the original prototype I cobbled together just to cut my flushing time in half. It cost me nearly as much to make as the one you can order on our website, and as you can see was not nearly as user friendly or boat friendly. You will find the one you can order is made of industrial hose that won't kink, nylon hose ends that won't scratch your gelcoat or Awlgrip, and stainless steel connectors. It's the last one you will buy unless you drop it overboard.

So I found a manufacturer that would fulfill my demand for quality, durable materials and construction. This is the FastFlushem product you find on this website today. I have also found an enthusiastic audience from single Suzuki owners who are tired of the hassle of connecting a hose for flushing. The small adapter is wildly popular, durable and inexpensive and lasts and lasts compared to what they have been using from the garden hose department.

As of now two at a time is all that is practical....water pressure is the issue. You can still cut your time in half if you have quads, or if you have two water sources you could buy two and cut your time by 75% ! Anyway you slice it, FastFlushem will save you time at the ramp, hoist, dock or wherever you flush.

Thanks for considering purchasing FastFlushem. See you on the water!